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There’s more detail on most of these in the individual blog posts for each place (click on the place name), but here’s a quick summary of the enterprises I came across on my travels, whether emerging from Transition, a connected enterprise* or nothing to do with Transition at all**, as far as we know:








Incredible Edible**, Todmorden



  • Weekly food market with entry criteria – a TTL partnership, run by Lewes Local Community Interest Company (CIC).
  • OVESCO energy company – energy efficiency services and projects like solar PV on brewery, community owned.
  • Decision Lab – offering support to Transition groups and enterprises.
  • Lewes Pound.



  • Food Nation Maidenhead – a hub model, just getting started, could offer a ready-made back end system for people wanting to start their own, just being trialled in T-Maidenhead and T-Letchworth.
  • MaidEnergy – a T-Maidenhead related cooperative that’s helping a group looking at covering a section of the M40’s sound barriers with solar PV.
  • Solar Co-Op was one of the first enterprises to spin out of T-Maidenhead – now looking at solar PV options on community buildings, funded by community shares.
  • Reading True Food Co-operative** – a shop and weekly pop-up shops in community centres – i.e. mobile markets.
  • Cultivate Oxford** – a mobile greengrocery delivers local organic produce to neighbourhood drop-off points.



  • Farmshare – model of CSA and food hub up and running.
  • Bicycle Links** – gives unemployed and disadvantaged people skills and work shop experience, refurbishes unwanted bikes, encourages cycling as a sustainable means of transport.




This listing is part of the overall reflections on my roadtrip.

Fiona Ward, August 2012.


Main image: Russell at the Handmade Bakery.



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